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Best trips to volcanoes around Indonesia. Indonesia Volcano

Do you like viewing how a volcano explodes?

We offer tours and expeditions to active volcanoes, as well as trekking, walking and study tours with a general interest in geology.


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Mount Rinjani

Indonesia’s second highest volcano towers over the gorgeous landscape of Lombok Island. The height demands a three to four day journey on a rather challenging trail, but the hike will not be without its rewards.

Mount Bromoы

One of the easiest and most popular hikes in Indonesia, Mount Bromo is famous for its stunning views. The active volcano lies within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, releasing puffs of white sulphurous smoke up into the clouds.

Mount Sinabung

The mountain’s crater, however, was seen of spewing thin white smoke that reached 400 meters from its peak. Authorities also recorded dozens of earthquakes, including a volcanic one, occurring within the week.

Gunung Bromo & Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

A lunarlike landscape of epic proportions and surreal beauty, the volcanic Bromo region is one of Indonesia’s most breathtaking sights.

Mount Merapi

Gunung Merapi (2968m) meaning 'Fire mountain' is located close to Jogjakarta in Java. The first recorded activity of Gunung Merapi was in 1548 though historians note that Borobudur was destroyed in the 11th century by a violent eruption.

The most amazing active volcanoes in

01. Kelimutu

Perhaps easiest of Indonesia's volcanoes to enjoy, the multicolored Kelimutu lakes are a popular stop in Flores. Kelimutu's three crater lakes continuously bubble and boil; the other-worldly colors change periodically as the chemical composition of the noxious water changes.

02. Gunung Ijen

A hike through Mount Ijen will not only reward visitors with a breathtaking nature view and cool breeze but also with rare blue sulfur flames blazing at its caldera.

03.Mount Bromo

Another active volcano in Indonesia is Mount Bromo, a Somma volcano situated in the country’s East Java region. The mountain’s peak stands 7,641 feet in elevation making it among the highest in East Java.

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